The Benefits of After School Activities for Students and the Community


Author: Jon Rawlinson Louise Gooding

PE teachers and Coordinators of the After School Activities Programme at ACS Doha

ACS Doha balances learning inside the classroom with learning and developing outside of the traditional classroom setting, with co-curricular activities being an integral part of this. Since the opening of ACS Doha in September 2011, the school’s ASA Programme has been an integral part in addressing the need to continue to learn and develop outside the classroom as well as for students to socialise, have fun and to build lifelong friendships. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response and there are currently 180 students from KG through to Grade 12 taking part in the programme.

The clubs and programmes are not only good for students’ co-curricular learning but are a very important part of ensuring that ACS Doha is a hub for the school community as we provide fun and safe activities for students outside of school hours. We also tap into the passion and proactive support of our parent body and staff. We have some parents, who are qualified and certified to do so, teaching some of the activities themselves as they continue to give back to the school community.


International schools, such as ACS Doha, are hubs for students, parents and staff, and a place to build communities, friends and a sense of home. The ASA programme is a core component of this. Apart from the short and long term benefits that students gain by participating in the Programme, parents also remain connected with the school and with one another through the programme. The ASA Programme showcases how ACS Doha’s parents and staff are actively invested in both students and the school after hours. Furthermore, the ASA Programme is also a great way to continue forming relations with the local community and to take advantage of the existing facilities that are readily available throughout Doha and the greater Doha area.

ASA Programme Overview and Continued Success

The ASA Programme takes place three times a week and is open to all ACS Doha students that are keen to participate, irrespective of their abilities.  There are a wonderful range of clubs and activities for students to enjoy which range from languages to writing clubs, sports to fitness classes. The activities and clubs include: Horse Riding, Sailing, Golf, French Club, Funky Fitness, Homework Club, Active Movement Club, Boys Writing Club, Zumba, Judo, Ukulele, Arabic Stories, Yoga, Arabic Dance Club, Art Studio and Book Lovers Club.


The programme of activities is constantly evolving, and this year saw the introduction of an online platform for students to enroll in the Programme, which has proven to be time efficient and seamless for both students and parents. We are open to suggestions from either parents or the community about additional clubs and activities that should be introduced in the future.


Jon Rawlinson and Louise Gooding

PE teachers and Coordinators of the After School Activities Programme at ACS Doha

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