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Are we focusing too much on subject knowledge and not ‘learning’ at secondary school?


Author: Jeremy Lewis

Head of School at ACS Egham

2015 Egham Graduations

With pens hardly dry from writing exam papers, or from marking them, we turn to look at what has been gained from all this revision and exam work.

A new research report[1] confirms what so many teachers fear, or feel, that there is far too much focus on subject knowledge and not enough focus on, well, ‘learning’ at secondary school level.

Many of you reading this will have done A levels and will be past masters at cramming facts. But how many of us were specifically taught at school how to learn for ourselves, how to apply information intelligently, perhaps to draw information or ideas from other people, and apply them to successfully solving a problem?

These are traditionally skills learned at university or in the workplace, but surely we should be asking why our education system has such a narrow focus, and why, by the time a 17 or 18 year old completes their mandatory education, they are not equipped with the right set of skills to help them thrive at university or in work?

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Tips for applying to higher education


Author: Ryan Hinchey

College Counsellor

Cobham Graduation 2014

Applying to universities via UCAS is an often daunting yet very important process. In order to develop a successful application, it is essential that students demonstrate the top ten qualities the university admissions officers look for in potential candidates, as highlighted in the latest ACS University Admissions Officers Report 2014.

Passion for your chosen subject: rated by 98 per cent of UK admissions officers as important or very important

The process of applying to university in the UK requires students to decide on their chosen course of study prior to application, so they must show passion for their chosen subject. Students should take classes that are related to the field, for example, students interested in studying engineering, should take classes in Maths and Science. Students can demonstrate passion by highlighting where they have gone over and beyond expectations, through relevant co-curricular activities and work experience.

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