Learning ‘Stagecraft’


Author: John Baddeley

Theatre Technician at ACS Cobham

Cobham PAC

The EJ Poularas Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at ACS Cobham

The new EJ Poularas Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at ACS Cobham is a fantastic facility for our students to learn more about the technical side of the performing arts and gain more of a holistic understanding of the subject. Since its opening, the PAC’s versatility as a stage space and its professional facilities has encouraged students to get involved with all aspects of production, from lighting and sound, to design and directing.

A weekly Stagecraft club has built up a body of enthusiastic students keen to learn about how backstage techniques can enhance performance. Developing general stagecraft techniques, students have learnt to programme the lighting and audio systems and how to use these facilities to craft and produce different effects on stage.