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The multi-dimensional MYP


Author: Caroline Hazel

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator at ACS Egham

P1010081ACS Egham’s Grade 10 students move to the IB Diploma this August equipped with thorough subject knowledge, deep conceptual understandings and essential skills for the next stage of their lives.

I believe that the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is the best middle years programme available in our current global society. Whilst MYP students study a range of traditional subjects much like other teenagers, the MYP has a third dimension: providing students with the skills they need to integrate into the modern world. In a recent ACS Egham student survey, one student stated that: ‘The IB (MYP) is a lot more well-rounded, teaching about many different ways to think and learn rather than just memorising facts.’

The recent Personal Project Presentation Evening demonstrated this dimension of the programme. As the culmination of the MYP, each Grade 10 student completes a project individually designed and inspired by their own passions and interests over a period of six months. Independently inquiring and researching, students are able to apply the skills and knowledge that they have acquired across all subjects throughout the programme.

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Learning to work


Author: Kim Schult

Interim IBCP Coordinator at ACS Egham

work experience

This year at ACS Egham we dedicated the week after Spring break to learning to work. Sixty grade 10 students, aged 15-16 years, took part in a Work Experience Week, an exciting initiative that gave them the opportunity to experience the working world, to help them practice practical job skills and learn more about what kind of career they may like to pursue in the future.

While some students sourced their own placement through family contacts, many students secured their Work Experience Week placement through the non-profit organisation Learning at Work, which is dedicated to arranging work experiences for students.

The organisation helps find the right work experience match for each individual. Students at ACS Egham initially completed an application form, detailing their favourite classes and what kind of work they aspire to, and were then interviewed so that the team could understand their aspirations in greater depth. Learning to Work also ran a ‘Skills for Life Carousel’ workshop, which teaches students skills such as interview techniques, to prepare them for future work-related challenges.

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ACS Cobham – a Graduate’s Perspective


Author: Esme Trahair

2015 Graduate, ACS Cobham

international education
Esme Trahair, a recent graduate of ACS Cobham and winner of the prestigious Founders’ Award, gave a brilliant speech at the Senior Awards evening 2015 about how her international education has prepared her for life after school. It’s with great pleasure that we share it with you here:

‘Good evening. For those who don’t know me, my name is Esme Trahair and I’ve been a student here at ACS since the second grade. So, there are a lot of things that ACS has given to all of us students, and lots of positive attributes about the school. But I would like to speak a little bit about what I think is the most special thing about this school. I believe that the best thing about ACS Cobham, and the thing that has added the most value for every single student sitting here today is our school’s internationalism. Here at ACS, we talk a lot about internationalism and diversity broadly, and we all know that by attending an international school we learn to appreciate difference and become better global citizens, but I’d like to speak more concretely about just why ACS being an international school is so beneficial to every single one of us.

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Equipping students for the future


Author: Tony Eysele

Head of School at ACS Cobham

Students need to develop life skills which prepare them for the world of work and not just hone their academic knowledge; an international perspective, an ability to collaborate, problem solving, communication and lateral are just some of the skills that are highly sought after by employers. The role of our teachers at ACS Cobham, as the facilitators of learning, is not only to encourage a love of learning, but to equip our students with skills to last them for life.


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