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My recruitment and relocation experience with ACS!

Alban Ferrieu

Author: Alban Ferrieu

High School College Counsellor at ACS Hillingdon

I moved to the UK this summer, relocating from Toronto, Canada, to start as a High School University Counsellor at ACS Hillingdon in August. International recruitment and relocation can be stressful, and coming from almost the other side of the world to a new job, a new city and a new school, is always a challenge.

This was my second experience of international recruitment and relocation – I grew up in France where I completed my degree in Counselling Psychology, then moved to Toronto to start my first job at a French international school as a University Counsellor. Here, there was little relocation support or resources and although I settled in well, it took some time to get used to the various different systems and processes.

My recruitment and relocation experience here at ACS Hillingdon has been entirely different. Rather than attending various recruitment fairs, I applied directly to the school via email in December. As I progressed, the recruitment process made me confident that the school was right for me. I had four interviews in a week, including various Skype calls, which gave me a comprehensive overview of the school and the staff.

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Evolution of the global education recruitment process


Author: Lynne Nixon

Human Resources Schools Partner at ACS International Schools

International recruitment

The international recruitment process within the education industry has evolved over time, and while the digital age has streamlined the process, we still rely on recruitment fairs to provide the diversity of candidates suitable for our multi-cultural environment.

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