Learning to work


Author: Kim Schult

Interim IBCP Coordinator at ACS Egham

work experience

This year at ACS Egham we dedicated the week after Spring break to learning to work. Sixty grade 10 students, aged 15-16 years, took part in a Work Experience Week, an exciting initiative that gave them the opportunity to experience the working world, to help them practice practical job skills and learn more about what kind of career they may like to pursue in the future.

While some students sourced their own placement through family contacts, many students secured their Work Experience Week placement through the non-profit organisation Learning at Work, which is dedicated to arranging work experiences for students.

The organisation helps find the right work experience match for each individual. Students at ACS Egham initially completed an application form, detailing their favourite classes and what kind of work they aspire to, and were then interviewed so that the team could understand their aspirations in greater depth. Learning to Work also ran a ‘Skills for Life Carousel’ workshop, which teaches students skills such as interview techniques, to prepare them for future work-related challenges.