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ACS Doha’s Students Gaining Acceptance at Leading Universities in an Increasingly Competitive Environment

The IB

Author: Dale Taylor

Middle and High School Principle at ACS Doha

In today’s world of increased competition to secure an international higher education placement, students more than ever require the support and guidance of their school when planning their academic futures. Since ACS Doha’s inception in 2011, we have pursued a well-balanced programme based on academic rigour, cultural citizenship and future-readiness, as we enable our students to reach their highest potential in a globally connected world.

In 2015 we broke new ground yet again, as we inaugurated our first Grade 12 Year Group at ACS Doha. This group of students will graduate in May 2016, as they stride towards a successful future.

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Tips for applying to higher education


Author: Ryan Hinchey

College Counsellor

Cobham Graduation 2014

Applying to universities via UCAS is an often daunting yet very important process. In order to develop a successful application, it is essential that students demonstrate the top ten qualities the university admissions officers look for in potential candidates, as highlighted in the latest ACS University Admissions Officers Report 2014.

Passion for your chosen subject: rated by 98 per cent of UK admissions officers as important or very important

The process of applying to university in the UK requires students to decide on their chosen course of study prior to application, so they must show passion for their chosen subject. Students should take classes that are related to the field, for example, students interested in studying engineering, should take classes in Maths and Science. Students can demonstrate passion by highlighting where they have gone over and beyond expectations, through relevant co-curricular activities and work experience.

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