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Why we all need a ‘Welcome Team’

Bagel breakfast

Author: Andi Ondhia

Member of the Welcome Team at ACS Hillingdon Parent Teacher Organisation

Andi Ondhia, a parent at ACS Hillingdon and a member of Parent Teacher Organisation’s Welcome Team, explores how an international school community is ideally placed to support new families through the relocation process. 

Relocating, whether it’s your first experience or your third, fourth or fifth, can be a daunting prospect with worries on how your family will settle in to their new surroundings, their new town, school or workplace.

When my own family moved to Hillingdon, UK, from Toronto, Canada, I worried that my children would not know anyone their own age, whether they would be able to continue with their passions and perhaps, slightly less importantly, how would I cope with driving on the other side of the road!

But this is where an international school is ideally placed to ensure a smooth transition. Their expert pastoral care teams and counsellors have specialist expertise and many, like ACS Hillingdon, have developed unique programmes, just like the Welcome Team, to help families adjust to their new environments.

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Game on! Participating in extra-curricular sports


Author: Jett Russell

Athletic Director at ACS Hillingdon

Hillingdon Hawks, Softball Team

Hillingdon Hawks, Softball Team

ACS Hillingdon recently hosted the ISST (International Schools Sports Tournament) Softball competition, it was exciting to see over a hundred girls from eight different schools compete and make new friends.

The Softball team is just one of 35 different sport teams we’ve had at school over the last year. Extracurricular sports provide an opportunity for students to have fun, socialise and compete in their hobbies and develop lifelong skills which benefit them both in the classroom and beyond into the world of work.

Improves well-being

Students spend a lot of time in doors, extra-curricular sports can help promote general well-being. We have a year round programme featuring an array of sports to appeal to all age groups and interests; from swimming and rugby in Autumn; cross country and volleyball in Winter; and tennis, softball, golf and baseball in Spring.

Research shows that leading an active lifestyle improves sleep, increases metabolism, and develops self-esteem. It’s a simple way for students to improve their physical, emotional and mental health.

We’re proud of our varied extra-curricular sports programme at ACS Hillingdon. There is something for each student – whether they want to compete seriously in inter-school tournaments, or if they just want to blow off some steam and have fun with their friends.

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