The International Fair: Celebrating cultural diversity


Author: Clarisa Ayllon

Clarisa Ayllon, Multicultural Coordinator of the Parent Teacher Organisation at ACS Egham

Clarisa Ayllon, a parent at ACS Egham and the Parent Teacher Organisation’s Multicultural Coordinator explores the importance of celebrating international mindedness and multiculturalism in the school community through the school’s annual International Fair.

Being able to celebrate such a vast number of different cultures and nationalities under one roof is something I have always valued in the ACS school experience. I could think of no better way to give back to the Community than to get involved with this annual event.

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Highly Able Programme at ACS Cobham


Author: Karen Herschleb

Highly Able Programme Programme Coordinator, Middle School and High School Divisions, ACS Cobham

ACS Cobham’s Highly Able Programme was created in 2014 to enhance provision for students who require an additional level of challenge due to their outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more areas, enabling them to reach their full potential.

A bit about me …

There are two full time Highly Able Programme Coordinators; Emily Gordon and I. I am originally from Girdwood, Alaska and I began my teaching career in Seattle, since then I’ve taught all over the world – in Mexico City, Lisbon, Portugal and the UK.

I joined ACS Cobham in 2013 and in December 2015, I finished my Masters in Educational Leadership, which I studied at University College of London. I am deeply passionate about supporting students’ learning and encouraging them to pursue their interests.

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The Importance of Extra Curricular Music at ACS Doha


Author: Claudia Davies

Music Teacher for Middle and High School Music and Subject Area Leader for Visual and Performing Arts, ACS Doha

The Importance of Extra Curricular Music at ACS Doha

Students at ACS Doha participate in various extra curricular music ensembles, which include the ACS Doha LS and MHS Band, the LS Choir and the MS G8 Band. The department is diverse and continues to promote music-making across the Arts, with students enjoying the opportunity to display their talents at key events during the academic calendar. The most recent events at which ACS Doha students have performed include various school assemblies, the ‘Express Yourself’ Music and Dance Event, Creative Day and Family Fun Day.

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My experience of the Orbis Internship 2015

Orbis Internship 2015

Author: Rosie Croysdale

Student, ACS Hillingdon

Last Easter, I travelled to Delhi, India, with three of my fellow ACS students on a unique journalism internship, sponsored by the ACS International Schools Foundation and Orbis.

Orbis has a global reach

Founded in 1982, Orbis, a global sight-saving charity, works to improve access to eye care by training local teams in developing countries. The charity has served 92 countries during its time using its fully equipped Flying Eye Hospital and hospital-based training programmes.

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Healthy Eating in International Schools

Catering award

Author: Chris Owen

Catering Manager, ACS Cobham


For many parents, memories of school lunches conjur up images of unappetising meals eaten in a chaotic dining hall. Furthermore, it is common to hear horror stories of students arriving at university ill- prepared, unable to even cook basic nutritional meals. At ACS, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Benefits of healthy eating

The benefits of healthy eating are wide-ranging; allowing optimal growth, high concentration levels at school, the maintenance of a healthy weight and the development of strong bones. Furthermore, research into the eating habits we develop as children has suggested that a healthy diet during the early years means we stand a good chance of carrying these habits throughout our lives.

At ACS Cobham, we encourage all our students to embrace healthy eating and by taking part in our cookery clubs, special events and competitions, students from all years learn about the importance of a balanced diet and feel confident in approaching us with their own meal ideas, suggestions and general feedback.

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