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A little word of advice on expat life


Author: Nyla Maharaj-Ramkalawan

Parent at ACS Doha

ACS Doha

Nyla Maharaj-Ramkalawan is a seasoned expat. She recently talked to the website, Expat Women, about how to remain a positive-minded person and embrace challenges to turn them into lifelong lessons!

Yippee!!! This was my reaction almost 14 years ago when my husband told me that he was offered a job in Mexico. We were expecting our first son at the time, so for me it was the most opportune time.  I have always embraced this privileged expat lifestyle as I know that the benefits are immense, especially for my two sons. There has always been something intriguing to me about the Middle East, and when the opportunity was presented to us to relocate to Doha in 2011, I advocated strongly with my husband and our sons to grasp the chance. At that time we were about to celebrate living 6 years in the country that was accredited to being the happiest place in the world; and yes we were happy, but for me it was a time for a change, especially for the education for my sons.

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Education and Extracurricular Sports: Bridging the Gap


Author: Chris Quinn

Athletic Coordinator at ACS Doha

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How do you believe extracurricular programmes help a child’s education (and in particular how does Coerver play a role in this?)

I believe that extracurricular programmes have a huge role to play in enriching a child’s experience at school and I think this level of enrichment, is something that goes way beyond learning a new skill or a physical task. Many students derive a huge sense of fulfilment from participation in extracurricular sport and central to that experience is the way it is delivered. We place great importance on positive language and energetic delivery when working with our students in such settings. Regardless of what activities students are involved in, we essentially see moments like these as opportunities to make kids feel good about themselves and develop a love for something.

If you were to ask me more specifically about Coerver, I would say that therein exist some core philosophies which we as a school can easily marry ourselves to. A huge part of the Coerver curriculum is the commitment to developing self-efficacy in students and the programme goes way beyond purely the acquisition of skill (which is what people tend to associate it with most quickly). The programme has a mind-set and an attitude towards improvement that goes with it and conveys the message that talent is something that is not fixed, can always be improved and lastly that it is of redundant use, without coupling it with hard work.

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Top Admission Tips for Qatar


Author: Dean of Admissions

Dean of Admissions at ACS Doha International School


Choosing the right school is a very important decision for both you and your family when relocating to a new country. I have therefore put together a short list of the best admission tips and included additional information that you may need when applying to schools in Qatar.

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ACS Centre for Inspiring Minds … how does it work?


Author: Latifa Hassanali

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The ACS Centre for Inspiring Minds has been helping ACS practitioners research improvements in teaching and learning since August 2012, but how does it work?

The Centre for Inspiring Minds (CIM) mission is that it will:

  • champion collaboration to enhance teaching and learning;
  • identify and promote the evolving role of technology in education;
  • drive academic and co-curricular research;
  • harness and support creativity clearly present across our schools;
  • strengthen partnerships between divisions and campuses;
  • forge relationships with external organisations to further international education.
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