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The Importance of Extra Curricular Music at ACS Doha


Author: Claudia Davies

Music Teacher for Middle and High School Music and Subject Area Leader for Visual and Performing Arts, ACS Doha

The Importance of Extra Curricular Music at ACS Doha

Students at ACS Doha participate in various extra curricular music ensembles, which include the ACS Doha LS and MHS Band, the LS Choir and the MS G8 Band. The department is diverse and continues to promote music-making across the Arts, with students enjoying the opportunity to display their talents at key events during the academic calendar. The most recent events at which ACS Doha students have performed include various school assemblies, the ‘Express Yourself’ Music and Dance Event, Creative Day and Family Fun Day.

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The Benefits of After School Activities for Students and the Community

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Author: Jon Rawlinson Louise Gooding

PE teachers and Coordinators of the After School Activities Programme at ACS Doha

ACS Doha balances learning inside the classroom with learning and developing outside of the traditional classroom setting, with co-curricular activities being an integral part of this. Since the opening of ACS Doha in September 2011, the school’s ASA Programme has been an integral part in addressing the need to continue to learn and develop outside the classroom as well as for students to socialise, have fun and to build lifelong friendships. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response and there are currently 180 students from KG through to Grade 12 taking part in the programme.

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ACS Doha celebrates as the ACS U19 Football Team wins QF League!


Author: Chris Quinn

Athletic Coordinator at ACS Doha

ACS Doha is celebrating the school’s historic victory earlier this month in the Qatar Foundation (QF) League U19 final. This an outstanding achievement considering this was the school’s first senior football squad, who played their first season, eventually winning to become the best school football team in Doha. The team are currently being coached by Chris Quinn and are busy preparing for their first overseas football tournament in Dubai in February 2016.

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ACS Doha’s Students Gaining Acceptance at Leading Universities in an Increasingly Competitive Environment

The IB

Author: Dale Taylor

Middle and High School Principle at ACS Doha

In today’s world of increased competition to secure an international higher education placement, students more than ever require the support and guidance of their school when planning their academic futures. Since ACS Doha’s inception in 2011, we have pursued a well-balanced programme based on academic rigour, cultural citizenship and future-readiness, as we enable our students to reach their highest potential in a globally connected world.

In 2015 we broke new ground yet again, as we inaugurated our first Grade 12 Year Group at ACS Doha. This group of students will graduate in May 2016, as they stride towards a successful future.

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Postcards from Practice: CIM


Author: Ben Hren

Head of ACS Centre for Inspiring Minds

research schools international

At ACS International Schools, we’re committed to developing the best teaching and learning practices. As part of this, the ACS Centre for Inspiring Minds (CIM) aims to transform the ways we understand teaching effectiveness and improve learning outcomes through action research.

Action research is based on practical classroom experience. At CIM, we invite teachers and educators to come forward with ideas on how to either improve a ‘problem’ they have identified within the teaching and learning experience, or an idea which can lead to the delivery of better teaching and learning.

Postcards from Practice

This year, CIM presented a Celebration of Learning, entitled Postcards from Practice, where project leaders fed back on current research. Postcards from Practice provided a glimpse into our CIM projects and the journey behind the action research taking place here at ACS.

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