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All the world’s a stage


Author: Darryl Nel

Cobham PAC

In our everyday lives we use many skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and leadership, many of which can be honed by participating in performing arts. Such skills are central to developing and preparing students for the world beyond education, so it is clear that drama and music should be integrated across the curriculum and school life.

This year we have 15 IB Theatre students who will work together to create three pieces of work, including the Haunted House experience at Halloween, which will be enjoyed by an audience of some 400 people. Each student will develop their teamwork skills over the year, relying on each other to create a polished final product. They will harness their problem-solving skills at rehearsals, stage project planning and group organisation. The end performance will be the culmination of the development of all these transferable skills.

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Rewilding students


Author: Chris Hupp

Joshua Rooney

Project Wild Thing is a campaign that actively encourages children to explore the outdoors and inspires them to connect with their surroundings, essentially, ‘rewilding’ our students.  This ethos can be embedded within education, where ‘rewilding’ students, means that they encounter ‘core wilderness areas’ in their formative years. All students should explore the outdoors, seek adventure, gain a deep connectivity to nature and develop a sense of place.

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Shane and the T- Rex


Author: Richard Harrold


Shane (not his real name) was an industrious, intelligent seven-year-old with an amazing knowledge about dinosaurs, but a lack of confidence in class. His teacher identified in the iPad an opportunity to give Shane a chance to create something special and different with the app Book Creator.  With the help of the IT Coordinator Shane created a non-fiction iBook about his favourite subject, T-Rex;  his teacher typed up the words in Pages and then the two of them got to work creating an ePub document that could be uploaded to the iBooks Book Store.

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