Life at university after ACS

ACS Hillingdon Alumni

Author: Miho Wakai

ACS Hillingdon Alumni

We caught up with ACS Hillingdon Alumni, Miho, who is now studying Physics at King’s College London, to find out how her first year at university is going so far.

How has your first year at university been so far?

I’m currently in my first year at King’s College London studying Physics. It did take me a little while to settle in to university life as everyone here is very smart. King’s also has a very diverse community, with students from lots of different religions and nationalities.

My studies have been challenging, but I do feel that studying the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) has prepared me well for university life. Time management is the ONE key thing that the IBDP really hones, because you study up to six subjects at one time. With Physics there are a lot of different modules, and being well-organised is essential for balancing a mixture of study texts and course deadlines.