NLE? That’s an after school club, right?


Author: Jane Fox

Native Language Enrichment Coordinator at ACS Egham

What do making an origami Samurai hat, dancing the Colombian Cumbia and taking a Russian or Hindi mini lesson have in common?

They are all experiences that were on offer to our Native Language Enrichment (NLE) students on one of the afternoons of Mother Language week at ACS Egham recently. Other activities included student and tutor presentations that answered questions students had asked the previous week about each other’s languages and cultures. Each of the four 2 hour events included the interaction between at least four different language groups and began with sharing and discussing the different traditional food brought by the students, courtesy of their wonderfully supportive parents. One of the afternoons saw as many as seven different language groups interact with each other.

NLE is our after school Native Language Enrichment programme for native speakers of languages other than English (the school’s language of instruction). The aim is to support the maintenance and development of students’ home languages. We currently run weekly classes in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Italian Indonesian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.