Healthy Eating in International Schools

Catering award

Author: Chris Owen

Catering Manager, ACS Cobham


For many parents, memories of school lunches conjur up images of unappetising meals eaten in a chaotic dining hall. Furthermore, it is common to hear horror stories of students arriving at university ill- prepared, unable to even cook basic nutritional meals. At ACS, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Benefits of healthy eating

The benefits of healthy eating are wide-ranging; allowing optimal growth, high concentration levels at school, the maintenance of a healthy weight and the development of strong bones. Furthermore, research into the eating habits we develop as children has suggested that a healthy diet during the early years means we stand a good chance of carrying these habits throughout our lives.

At ACS Cobham, we encourage all our students to embrace healthy eating and by taking part in our cookery clubs, special events and competitions, students from all years learn about the importance of a balanced diet and feel confident in approaching us with their own meal ideas, suggestions and general feedback.